When global specialty finance company Credigy realized they had a disconnect between the flexibility they offered and the flex employees perceived, the company leaders followed their own mantra: They were bold, they were curious, and they were supportive. Specifically, they partnered with Werk to analyze their diverse workforce's flexibility needs and to come up with a comprehensive solution for all employees.

"Over the past couple of years, we saw many companies rolling out one-day-a-week or fully remote policies," said Kim Williams, Kim Williams, Credigy's Senior Director of Employee Experience & Corporate Affairs. "These kinds of policies never seemed to fit the diversity of our people."

After Credigy employees completed Werk's digital assessment, the company found that their flex performance was above average but still showed areas for improvement, especially in specific demographics. With this data in hand, Credigy formalized their flex policy with a universal framework of six flex types. The improvements were almost immediate: Within six months, 85 percent of Credigy employees said the company cares about their work-life balance, and 84 percent cited the company's flex as a reason to stick around. "Flexibility doesn't just make good people sense, it makes good business sense," Williams concluded.

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