Banco Santander is devoted to being not just the best bank to do business with, but the best bank to work for. To that end, the employer of more than 202,000 employers in three continents introduced Flexiworking in 2016, seeking to support employees' aspirations and to foster an inclusive workplace. It worked—the workplace flexibility seemed to be directly driving employee engagement—but Global Director of HR Culture & Strategy Dan Strode wanted a deeper dive.

"We understood that the key to improving employee engagement through flexibility was not in deploying more engagement surveys—it was in using new methodologies in big data to gain deeper, more actionable insights around flexibility," he said. "That's what attracted us to Werk."

By partnering with Werk—and administering Werk's digital assessment in both English and Spanish to employees from 17 countries—the company gained invaluable insights about flexibility across demographic cuts like gender, caregiving status, and role. "Werk was the only tool we found that had an algorithm designed to capture data on employee needs, not just employee wishes," Strode said. "That was the level of sophistication we needed to unlock the full power of Flexiworking at Santander."

To read more about the company's windfall of flexibility findings, download Werk's full Santander case study.