At Werk, we discovered that one of the keys to creating long-term, sustainable high performance at work is identifying and alleviating points of friction within the employee experience. In other words, customizing the employee experience through workplace flexibility. But companies aren’t equipped to begin this work. They don’t have the right data or the ability to capture that data. And that’s why the majority of flexibility programs today are not as effective as they could be—because they are based on assumptions about what employees want, not data confirming what employees need and how flexibility, or lack thereof, is impacting their bottom line. So we developed a way for companies to capture this data for the very first time. Through our proprietary people analytics platform—the first and only validated flexibility model available to companies today—we have transformed workplace flexibility from an employee perk to a critical business discipline.

Our “secret sauce” is the convergence of data science, behavioral science, and sheer know-how, which we present to our customers in a clear, insightful, and comprehensible dashboard. Through algorithmic predictions of the types of flexibility their workers need, analyses of if and how well those needs are being met, and the ROI of closing any flexibility gaps, this dashboard removes our customers’ biggest barrier to a flexible workforce: lack of data. Imagine, prior to the Werk platform, there was no way for companies to connect flexibility concretely to ROI. But through our data, we have validated—for the first time—that when companies improve their flexibility performance, they experience significant increases in productivity, engagement, morale, talent attraction and retention, employee wellness, and even real estate optimization.

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